A man playing with VR.

New To VR? Check Out Barefoot Gaming

The name might be primitive but the reviews are awesome.

I’m new to VR.  After experiencing it some time ago and being blown away, I finally picked up a Windows Mixed Reality Headset and I haven’t looked back.  Gaming will never be the same again.

Having a whole new potential library of games at my fingertips, it can be hard to decide which games are worthwhile picking up.  It’s why we adopted the BUY/WAIT/AVOID game review metric here at GrownGaming but unfortunately, we don’t have a back catalogue of reviews for me to check out.

While Steam reviews tell a fairly accurate story and monsters like IGN have no doubt given their two cents, I like to find smaller YouTube channels to support.  I love finding cool channels that are clearly passionate about what they do, who deserve to be promoted through our website.

I feel that Barefoot Gaming is one such channel.  It has honest, completely unbiased reviews by a team of normal folk who just love gaming.  What more could you want?

Barefoot Gaming was one of the channels that I turned to when trying to decide whether to buy my Windows Mixed Reality headset or go without VR for another year while I saved up for an Oculus Rift.  Their video below was ultimately the one that convinced me to click Buy Now:

They were spot on with their review and I love my purchase.  I’ve checked out some of their other reviews for games I was interested in and they are consistently on the money with their opinions.

Here is their Creed: Rise to Glory review (it’s brilliant, buy it!):

And here’s their review for Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice, which currently sits top of my WANT list:

If you’re new to VR or are just interested in checking out some informative, unbiased reviews, definitely subscribe to Barefoot Gaming.

Note: We were not asked to publish this article, nor were we financially compensated for promoting this YouTube channel.  It’s just an honest recommendation from one gamer (that’s me) to another (that’s you).  Enjoy.