Ronaldo celebrating in FIFA 18

The Ultimate Fifa Insult: Playing Ronaldo In Goal To Humiliate Opponents

I don’t usually share videos of goals or headshots but this is something special.  It’s the definition of our “awesome” category.

For those who don’t follow football (soccer for those across the pond), Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time.  He has spent his career building a reputation as one of the most feared attacking players in world football, and currently plies his trade for Real Madrid.  One thing he is not known for his is defending prowess, let alone his goalkeeping ability.

That didn’t stop Redditor Techno_Pensioner.

He shared this borderline insulting tactic: play Cristiano Ronaldo as a Goalkeeper, then use his incredible skill to weave through the entire opposing team to score.

Check this out:


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