Pokemon Platinum and Pearl’s Twinleaf Town Looks AMAZING in Unreal Engine


Pokemaniacs, feast your eyes.  We’ve stumbled upon something that can’t be unseen seen: a Pokemon fan’s incredible Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake of Twinleaf Town in Unreal Engine.

Created by Redditor papabeard88, the recreation of the player’s hometown in Diamond and Pearl, Twinleaf Town, and the game’s first wild area, Route 201, are simply breathtaking.

To put what you are about to see into perspective, here is Twinleaf Town in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl:

And here is papabeard88’s Twinleaf Town remake in Unreal Engine:

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I made Twinleaf Town and Route 201 from Diamond/Pearl in Unreal Engine
by u/papabeard88 in pokemon