This Bioshock Cosplay Is So Good It Looks Like a Screenshot

You know that we love cosplay here at Grown Gaming (we’ve previously shared Space Marine cosplay, Doomfist cosplay, Kerrigan cosplay and Doomguy cosplay) but this Bioshock 2 cosplay is something special.

Check it out:

Shared to the Bioshock subreddit by cosplayer Jaime StoneDead, this incredible Big Sister outfit looks like it was taken straight from a screenshot thanks to the amazing pictures by photographer Postmorbid.

In the comments, Jamie notes that she only has limited vision when wearing the costume (about 70%) and that hearing and ventilation is a problem.  On the plus side, the helmet lights up and has sound that enables Jamie to “screech at people”.

The project took 3 months to complete, and the result is totally worth it, if you ask me.

You can see more pictures of this Big Sister cosplay and Jaime’s other cosplay projects on her Instagram.