Terry Crews' purple gaming PC

Terry Crews Custom Gaming PC Is A MONSTER

Terry Crews is a Hollywood powerhouse – and now he has a PC to match.  Youtuber JayzTwoCents has built him a beautiful PC – plus Old Spice.

Terry Crews gaming PC is loaded with the following:

  • Intel i7 – 6950X (Overclocked to conservative 4GHz)
  • ASUS WS-E/10G
  • 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum SE #94
  • PATRIOT Hellfire 480GB m.2 NVME SSD
  • WD Black 2TB HDD
  • InWin Tou 2.0 Case Custom Powdercoated Red/Silver
  • Glass Etch Work by GeForce Garage
  • InWin 1065w Modular PSU
  • Custom Sleeved Cables by Senpai Studios
  • (2x) EKWB Coolstream 360 Radiators
  • EKWB Supremacy Evo CPU Block
  • EKWB GTX Titan Xp Waterblocks
  • EKWB XRES Pump Combo
  • Primochill Revolver Rigid Tubing Fittings
  • Primochill PETG Rigid Tubing (13mm)

…this PC is a BEAST!!

You can watch Terry Crews receiving his gaming PC, along with some information on the build, below:

Written by John

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