Someone Built A Legend Of Zelda Barrel Arcade Machine (It’s Beautiful)

This custom Legend of Zelda Barrel Arcade Machine defines the GrownGaming “Awesome” category.  Look at it…just look at it…

When I saw this picture shared online, I couldn’t help but share it.  The creator, the aptly named Redditor LetsbuildsomeShit, has built something truly special.

The finished product has Raspberry Pi 3, running Retro Pi.  It has an HDMI splitter and 2 tilted screens for 2 player play – perfect for classic co-op games.

The awesome design was made using Link to the Past posters found on eBay.  The finished product shows an incredible level of creativity and craftsmanship.

Give LetsbuildsomeShit kudos for this amazing creation on his Reddit thread.

Written by John

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