A circular city created in Cities Skylines

This Perfectly Round Cities: Skylines Megacity Is A Work Of Art

This Cities: Skylines megacity is a masterpiece.  Perfectly round with tiers working to the middle, this is a city I’d happily relocate to.

Seriously, look at it:

Created by Imgur user , this megacity has over 300,000 and was intended to be an “Atlantis-style” city, with numerous layers and policies.  The city is split into different districts with traffic restrictions in place to ease congestion.

The One World Trade Center, fittingly, is the center of the city, with the rest of the top later completed with a medical center, space elevator and fusion plant.

An underground public transport network connects every part of the city, though residents can also drive to the very top from every corner of the map.

cptlande has kindly shared his map on Steam, allowing others to develop (or, let’s face it, destroy) his work of art.

As someone who has struggled to create anything resembling more than a ghetto in Cities: Skylines, seeing this map is nothing short of inspirational.  The level of thought that has gone into planning this map is astounding and the finished result is truly spectacular.

For more images, and to give kudos to cptlande, visit the Imgur post.