Revisiting the $14K Elite Dangerous Gaming Setup

I would normally say that I love Elite Dangerous as much as the next guy who is into the game, but that’s a lie if the “next guy” is YouTuber Exigeous.

We wrote about Exigeous’s insane $14k Elite Dangerous rig several years ago and thought it was about time to check in and see how the rig is looking these days.

It turns out that while it looks similar, there have been several upgrades to make the Elite Dangerous, flight and racing simulator setup even more immersive.

Here’s a video of Exigeous sharing it:

If you’re interested in building something similar for yourself, here are the key components of the build:


Obutto Ozone Cockpit 

Next Level Racing V2 Motion Platform

ButtKicker Gamer 2

Flight Systems

Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS

VKBSim T-Rudder Mark IV Pedals

Racing Systems

Thrustmaster TX Wheel Base

Thrustmaster 599XX EVO Wheel

Thrustmaster 2012 Ferrari F1 Wheel

Fanatec ClubSport Elite V2 Pedals

Fanatec ClubSport Shifter

SimRacingHardware Thrustmaster Racing Dash


Elgato Stream Deck

Razer Tartarus Keypad

Audio Systems

Avantree Audition Headphones

Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Mic

Logitech Z-5300 THX 5.1 Audio

Alesis I|02 USB/XLR

SoundBlaster Live! USB Soundcard


Oculus Rift VR Headset

VR Cover for Rift

Samsung 27″ Curved LED-LCD Monitors

…and there I was thinking that I had a pretty cool set up because I have a 4K G-Sync screen.  Ouch!

In all seriousness, Exigeous has not only heavily invested into Elite Dangerous financially, but he is also exceptionally knowledgeable about the game itself.  One only has to have a cursory look at his YouTube channel to see that he knows his stuff, as he covers everything from gear and general game commentary, to in-depth guides covering ship builds, engineering, material gathering, efficient methods to earn credits, and more.  If you’re a fan of Elite Dangerous, be sure to check it out.