Predator, the alien hunter, standing in front of a fleet of police cars in GTA 5.

Be The Predator With This GTA 5 Mod

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The Predator is one of the most iconic aliens in movie history.  He is also one of the most formidable, having not only taken on Arnie but also Alien.  Any game featuring The Predator has been average to say the best and the alien hunter has been crying out for a decent game to feature in.

Enter prolific modder JulioNIB, who has just made a GTA 5 mod to let you be The Predator in Los Santos.

Players will be able to utilise The Predators trademark weapon and ability set, including shoulder-mounted laser cannon, huge forearm-mounted retractable skewers and spear.  Spears are awesome.  To top it off, Predator has a cloaking ability that allows him to stalk his prey unnoticed.

There are other nice details.  The Predator bleeds green and even has a self-destruct device for when the going gets tough.

This is going to be so OP.  Check it out:

You can download the mod on GTAxScripting now.