Pokemon Sword and Shield Has a Great Switch Easter Egg

Pokemon Sword and Shield were released today, bringing Pokefans to the UK-inspired Galar region.  The series has always been known for its Easter Eggs (and myths) but players have discovered a really nice detail in the latest games.

As with all Pokemon games, the player character has a Nintendo console in their room.  In previous games, this has been a SNES, Gameboy, DS and so on.  In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players have a Nintendo Switch.  What’s cool about this Switch, though, is that it showcases the customizable Joy-Con controllers owned by the player. If you have two yellow Joy-Cons, the in-game Switch will have matching colours.

It’s really subtle, so subtle in fact that may be missed by many – especially those who haven’t purchased different Joy-Cons – but it’s a great touch.

Have you found any Easter Eggs in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Written by John

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