Smooth McGroove singing

This Pokemon Celadon City Acapella Will Blow Your Mind

Youtuber Smooth McGroove (yes, really) took the awesomeness and dialed it up to 11 with this acapella rendition of the Pokemon Red/Blue Yellow Celadon City tune.

Smooth McGroove is the most downright cool acapella artists on the internet.  He takes contemporary tunes from video games and popular media, then layers his vocals to create incredible acapella versions of the melodies we all know and love.

Pokemon has some of the catchiest tunes in videogame history, so this Celadon City rendition was only ever going to be incredible:


Man, that takes me back to winning big in the Celadon Game Corner…good times!

While we’re on the nostalgia train, here’s a little bit of the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog:

Awesome, right?  If you’re into videogame music and love acapella instrumentals, then Smooth McGroove is a must follow.