A design for the Playstation Switch handheld console.

This Is What A PlayStation Switch Would Look Like

This article has been re-upped because we think it’s too awesome to forget.

Ever wondered what the Nintendo Switch would look like if it was made by Sony?  CURVED/labs have created stunning PlayStation Switch concept art.

The concept was originally shared by Curved.de and has been dubbed the Sony PlayMan.  They chose to create what is essentially a PlayStation Switch as a successor to the PS Vita and even go so far as to describe how the device would work in their article.

The concept of the handheld-console hybrid takes many obvious cues from the Nintendo Switch but makes a handful of additions and alterations to improve upon the usability of the Switch.  That coupled with a stunning sleek design sets it apart.

Like the Nintendo Switch, the Sony PlayMan concept has a large screen with left and right Sony Dualshock controllers.  These controllers can be attached to the screen, attached to a small touchpad to create a standard style gamepad or held independently.

CURVED/labs say: “The PlayMan won’t be used in just two modes – handheld or TV docking station – but offers three possible fields of use. The device can either be connected to the TV via HDMI or, with attached controllers, be used as a handheld console. But furthermore a large, fully adjustable and above all robust joint allows for a comfortable solution to play while being out and about, without having to suffer from tired arms from holding up the weight of the whole handheld console.”

Hardware-wise, the Sony PlayMan would be a bit of a beast.  The system would essentially be a super slimmed down version of the PS4 slim, thus allowing gamers to play their favorite PlayStation 4 games on the go.  This would solve the issue of some new consoles struggling for games to make their purchase worthwhile – the whole PS4 back catalog is ready and waiting for would-be buyers on day one.

The Sony PlayMan would be a dream for PlayStation fans but also for gamers in general; many gamers would love a powerful yet portable console with a strong collection of games to make the investment worthwhile.  The PlayMan would certainly tick those boxes.

While the likelihood of Sony creating a handheld-console hybrid similar to those is unlikely, it isn’t completely beyond the realms of reality if reports are to be believed that Sony has patented a device similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Would you buy the PlayStation PlayMan?


  1. Please……Make this and make it backwards compatible with the PSP/Vita library.

    Right off the bat there would be a monster library and huge incentive for the people who’ve bought into the portable library in the past.

    This would be a MONSTER thorn in Nintendo’s side to say the least. Especially if the system was more powerful.

  2. Would have the absolute worst battery life ever but yes, I would buy this and Id think allot of other people would too. It’s all about the games. If Sony said all PS4 games play on it and will be bringing as many new games as possible to it, it would sell like hot cakes. Think what it could do with an SD card and all of PS3 games too.

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