You Can Now Play Street Fighter With Body Movements


Forget game controllers and arcade sticks, how about playing Street Fighter with your physical body?  Thanks to some excellent work by Software Developer Charlie Gerard, you can Hadoken and Electric Thunder your opponents using gestures rather than more conventional control methods.

Charlie shared her creation in a blog post, where she documented how she combined her interest in machine learning with her love for gaming and hardware.  The article documents the process she went through to make playing Street Fighter with your body movements a reality, as she trained a machine learning model to recognise body movements like “punch” or “hadoken” to interact with the game.

Here it is in action:

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The gesture recognition prototype was created using an Arduino and Tensorflow.js, though interestingly, Charlie also explains that she “built a version of this project using a Daydream controller and also… a mobile phone!”

If you want to try it out for yourself, a demo is available here.  If you’re a programmer, you can find the code in this repo.

Written by John

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