Custom-made Steam Deck game cases, with the word "Want" written on top of them.

These Physical Steam Deck Game Cases Are AWESOME

If Steam Deck-verified games were available in this form, I’d definitely add some to my collection.

The Steam Deck doesn’t have physical games, but that hasn’t stopped someone from creating an incredible set of game cases for their Steam Deck games.

Redditor Nejnop shared these several months ago and I thought that they are too good not to share.  Check them out:

Physical Games Update
by u/Nejnop in SteamDeck

Nejnop explained the story behind the creation of the Steam Deck game case designs:

“This all started because I wanted to get Megadimension Neptunia VII physically for Switch, but at the same time didn’t because the Switch port is ass. I looked at my library and thought “fine, I’ll do it myself””

And they did an amazing job.  If I could buy Steam Deck-verified games in this format, I’d definitely add some to my collection.  I dread to think what my whole Steam collection would look like if they came like this as standard, though…

Be sure to head over to Reddit to give kudos to Nejnop.

Written by John

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