A Lapras Pokemon card, before and after painting.

Artist Turns Pokemon Cards into Masterpieces

This article has been re-upped because we think it’s too awesome to forget.

Pokemon cards look pretty awesome as standard, but this artist takes the cards adored by millions and turns them into works of art.

What do you think?  Pretty awesome, right?

The artist behind this Lapras painting is Lunumbra, a 22-year-old Studio art major.  Lunumbra has a deep love for Pokemon, having started playing back with Pokemon Red and Blue, and has been altering cards since late 2014.

Lunumbra’s entire portfolio is absolutely stunning.  Here are a few more:

Usually, I’m dead against people taking ink or paint to Pokemon Cards.  I have fond memories of trading cards on the playground and still have my card collection stored in the attic.  Until today, I could never have imagined letting anyone take a pen or paintbrush near them, but after seeing what Lunumbra can do, I have changed my mind.

At $20 each, these paintings aren’t cheap, but when you see the amount of work that goes into each card, plus the sheer quality of Lunumbra’s work, it suddenly seems like a small amount to pay.

To see more, or to commission your own personal painted Pokemon Card, visit Lunumbra’s Tumblr then head over to Facebook to order.

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