Norman Reedus as Big Boss.

Norman Reedus Looks Awesome In Metal Gear Solid 5

This article has been re-upped because we think it’s too awesome to forget.

I didn’t think I’d ever write that sentence. But someone with superhero data-mining skills has broken P.T. wide open and discovered they can put its assets into MGS V.

What this means is Norman Reedus can be used to replace any character in the game.

A full Metal Gear Solid V trailer using the assets from P.T. is below:

Norman Reedus looks especially badass as Big Boss:

The full video is that scene looks like the trailer to a whole new video game (one I’d like to pre-order TODAY, please):

Or maybe you want to see Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima (in a tux, no less) firing shots from a chopper?

Thank you, YouTube:

But let’s pretend we haven’t seen Kojima showering in front of Daryl Dixon…

For more information on how the data-mine was done, check out the Facepunch forums. I’m expecting some weird and wonderful (and a few disturbing) creations to come of this…

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