Gameboy Advance games console turned into a Nintendo Switch Dock

Dude Creates Nintendo Switch Dock From Old Game Boy Advance SP

We love quirky, crafty DIY projects on GrownGaming, and this is one of the best; a Nintendo Switch dock made from an old Game Boy Advance SP.

Created by Alexander Blake and shared on Imgur, this Nintendo Switch dock is infinitely cooler than any other dock on the market.  The most amazing thing is, Alexander had no experience with modifying hardware before this project.

On the Imgur post, Alexander explained how the inspiration hit:”In the process of tinkering with a second Nintendo Switch Dock, I realized the circuit board was pretty much the exact same size as a Gameboy Advance SP. And then I remembered one of my old SPs doesn’t work anymore. So I got to work. I’ve never modified any consoles or anything like that, but I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Check out these images:

For more information on the build, more images, and to leave some comments for the creator, check out the Imgur thread or check out Alexander’s Instagram.

Written by John

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