Auto Museum 64 Is a Virtual Tour of N64 Vehicles

Having recently got readdicted to Goldeneye on N64 (gotta love the trident controller), I’m finding myself falling back in love with Nintendo’s nearly 25-year-old console all over again.  I enough fond memories of Perfect Dark and WWF No Mercy to write a book (a short, uninteresting book, but a book nonetheless) and I’ve found myself falling down the rabbit hole of recent N64 mods and titles.

Yes, recent.

One such recent release is Auto Museum 64 created by leoburke.  Auto Museum 64 is a virtual museum featuring cars, boats, and other vehicles from N64 racing games.  The vehicles have been lifted from their games using what can only be described as virtual witchcraft (an emulator, extraction software, and a 3D modelling program) and recreated in a vehicle museum intended to showcase late 90’s polygonal art specific to racing games of the era.

‘Visitors’ to Auto Museum 64 do so in the style of a first-person shooter, giving players the ability to walk around the vehicles and zoom into them for a closer look of their polygons.

While I can’t pretend to know where all of the vehicles originated from the few I did recognise brought the memories of good times rushing back.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have a similar museum for other platforms.  It would also be cool to peruse the collection of vehicles in VR or even take them out on a test track, or even…okay, I’ll stop.  Sorry.

You can check out Auto Museum 64 on the official website.