Metal Gear Solid recreated in Lego

Metal Gear Solid in LEGO Worlds Is Awesome

Metal Gear Solid recreated in LEGO Worlds is the game you didn’t know you needed, but absolutely do.

Lego Worlds is a multiplayer sandbox in the vein of Minecraft, but with one distinct advantage: everyone loves Lego (fact).  Lego World’s gives players the ability to create iterations of their favorite franchises, as though they were a part of the Lego game series.

YouTuber Bearly Regal has led the way, with an incredible recreation of Metal Gear Solid’s classic Shadow Moses Base.  It’s an astoundingly detailed recreation, featuring Solid Snake,  the Hind-D, the snow, the elevator and the cargo truck.  Impressive doesn’t do it justice.

Watch the video below:

What video game franchises would you like to see recreated in Lego Worlds?