Mass Effect Reimagined As Isometric Game (I’d Buy It)

But I Still Refuse to Buy Andromeda

There are a lot of “what if” questions around the Mass Effect franchise.  What if Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t suck?  What if Garrus got his own game?  What if Mass Effect was an isometric game?

Okay, so that last one wasn’t on my list, but it is now after seeing the awesome piece of artwork by Chris Bischoff, one half of The Brotherhood Games brother duo, the studio behind Beautiful Desolation (also a pretty isometric game).  The image depicts some of Mass Effect’s most popular characters under heavy fire but kicking butt (even Tali – she’s just playing dead before opening up a can of whoop-ass).

Check it out:

Mass Effect reimagined as an isometric game

The image was originally shared by Chris on Twitter and Imgur, with the caption on the latter being “I love Isometric games, and I love Mass Effect! I run a game studio with my brother ( that specializes in Isometric games so figured what better way to show my love of both of these things than create a fan image!”

Even if though duo will likely never get the sign-off to create a Mass Effect game, it would be cool to see them release a Mass Effect-inspired title with an isometric perspective.  After falling in love with Disco Elysium, I’m on the lookout for another amazing isometric experience and love sci-fi, so that would fit the bill nicely.

In case you missed it, The Brotherhood Games recently put out a plea for 50,000 pirates of Beautiful Desolation to donate a small amount of money so that they can continue to make games.  If you like their work, consider supporting them by picking up Beautiful Desolation on Steam.

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