Love Custom Consoles? You’ll Love XboxPope

I’ve been known to drool over a custom PC from time to time, but haven’t touched upon custom consoles.  Truth be told, aside from my brother’s Pokemon N64, I haven’t been close enough to a console designed to promote a game or fit in with a brand – but that’s not to say I haven’t drooled over a few.

Don’t let those crappy £10 console adhesive skins you find on Amazon fool you – there’s a whole bunch of talented graphic designers using their skills to create custom video game consoles that will blow your mind.  Xbox Pope is one of the best.

Here are 5 of my favourite designs that Xbox Pope has conjured up:

Tesla Xbox One X

The Witcher Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

Shenmue Xbox One X

Gears of War Xbox Series X

And a special mention to this Warlock Xbox controller

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Xbox Pope’s work is so varied and always of the highest quality – each design is strikingly different from the last and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what he comes up with.

You can give kudos to Xbox Pope on Twitter or Instagram.  Let us know which of his designs if your favourite!