The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Remake We All Want To See

BY LUKE MARSHALL: There have been rumours for years, speculation on various news platforms and constant fan demand…but could 2021 finally be the year for an Ocarina of Time remake?

What makes this year so special you ask?  Well, 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of the Zelda franchise and with Nintendo recently trademarking the name on Switch fan speculation is in full force. With the recent success of Final Fantasy VII Remake it’s obvious to see that the demand is there for revisiting beloved classics from yesteryear.

Sadly, with Nintendo it’s never that easy, will it simply be a HD port of the N64 classic like the recent Mario collection?  Or could it possibly be a full-blown remake with a modern-day engine and graphics?  I for one certainly know what I’d prefer although I’m wise enough to know which is most likely to occur.  The 2019 Link’s Awakening game proved Nintendo are open to remakes, so why not remake arguably one of the greatest games of all time?

Until we find out, check out this amazing fan recreation:

Yianni Papazis has remade aspects of the game using Unreal Engine 4 and brought so much life and colour into a Hyrule we’re all too familiar with.

You can even download the tech demo and check it out for yourself, revisiting Castle Town, part of the Hyrule Fields and The Temple of Time….until the cease and desist order hits at least.

So, what would you prefer?  A trip down memory lane in beautiful high definition? Or for Nintendo to continue to look forward and concentrate on future instalments to the popular series such as the incoming Breath of the Wild 2?

Whatever it is, 2021 should still be a good year for Zelda fans.

Written by Guest Post