Cheetos on a black keyboard.

There’s A Kickstarter For A Rag To Save Gamers From Cheetos Hands

So, um…I can’t believe that this is a thing, but the Wype is the world’s first desktop snack rag.  And, you can back it on Kickstarter, today!

Wype is “specially designed to keep your hands and fingers clean as you snack at your computer.”

If the video on the Kickstarter is anything to go by, it’s basically a shag carpet that you can sit on your desk to wipe your hands on while you eat Cheetos.  The crazy thing is, it might actually work.

The patent-pending design is apparently better than using napkins or paper towels, as it provides a better and faster clean through custom-made microfibers.

Check this out:

The one advantage that this would be $20 addition to your gaming setup has going for it, is that it the microfiber is treated with an antimicrobial solution, killing germs as you, um, Wype.  The wipe covers are machine washable, but whether that germ-killing solution still works after going through the washing machine is anyone’s guess.

Seriously, I’m all for entrepreneurialism, but as a grown gamer, I have to be frugal with my pennies.  Backing a piece of shag carpet that will retail for $20 isn’t sitting too high on my priority list, but if you constantly find your keyboard under an inch of Cheetos crumbs, this could be a must buy!

You can back the Wype on Kickstarter.  $12 gets a Wype at an $8 discount.

Written by John

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