Two people on gaming PCs in a bedroom

This Hotel Is a Gamer’s Dream Come True

Hardcore gamers fear not – this Taiwanese hotel has everything you will need to avoid gaming withdrawal while on holiday.

The i hotel has everything you would expect from a normal hotel room – a bed, a TV (46-inch, no less), fairly modern decor – but that’s where the similarities end.  Each room comes equipped with two computers and DXRacer gaming chairs.

If that wasn’t enough, the hotel’s main lobby area has a larger gaming arena, where gamers can compete or just share their love for gaming with each other (or just yell ‘your mom’ insults across the room, no mic necessary).

The website also points out that it’s pretty close to a McDonalds and a KFC which is, uh, important.

You can get a better look around here:

The rooms cost a fairly reasonable $100 a night for those on vacation but those looking just to game for a few hours can pay from $12 an hour during weekends to $75 for 15 hours.

Not exactly cheap but hey, when it’s raid night, what’s a gamer to do – miss out on the loot?