A sign giving a thumbs up in Fallout

Here’s A Huge Book Of The History Of PC RPGs (And It’s Free)

The CRPG Book Project is the massive four-year 528-page passion project of project editor and writer Felipe Pepe.  And, you can download it today – for free.

The book covers the history of CRPGs (computer role-playing games) and was completed by enlisting the help of developers and journalists from around the world to write about titles from The Dungeon and Beneath Apple Manor to Fallout 4 and Pillars of Eternity.


All in all, the CRPG Book Project has information on over 400 RPGs from early PLATO titles to modern releases.  Expect to find long-forgotten classics mixed in with hidden gems as the work of 112 volunteers takes you through the history of a cornerstone video game genre.

It blows my mind that such a well-written and thoroughly researched project is available for free but here it is.  You can download the legitimate PDF here.  You can read more on the official WordPress site.