Magneto flying in the air with cars floating above him.

GTA V Magneto Mod Is Plane Hurlingly Awesome

Hurling planes at police helicopters has never been so much fun

Using superhero mods in GTA V is a lot of fun.  From Batman, Superman and Hulk, to Goku and even Crysis’ Nanosuit,  we’ve all played powerful characters but none as powerful as Magneto.

The Magneto mod is the latest by prolific modder JulioNIB and it has all of the Master of Magnetism’s powers.  You’ll be able to throw cars, pull planes from the sky and hurl them at police helicopters.  As if that wasn’t enough, you can impale people with metal poles and even yank guns from their hands and shoot them with their own weapons.

Needless to say, this Magneto mod is the most powerful mod we’ve ever tried.  You can see it in action here:

For full details and installation instructions, check out the official blog.