GTA 5's Trevor looking shocked.

GTA Driving Stunts Are Getting Ridiculous

Wait until you see the car park stunt.  It’s insane.

GTA stunts, especially with the rise of GTA modded accounts, have always been unrealistic.  Riding motorcycles up buildings, using speeding trains to launch cars into the air, making trucks fly…if you saw it in real life, you’d think the world was broken.

But, just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone does something so ridiculous that you can’t help and applaud.  Enter YouTuber Prek.

In the below video you’ll see fairly standard stuff that you’ll see elsewhere – namely motorcycle and car stunts using ledges to propel vehicles where they shouldn’t be.  Then, at 2:00, it gets crazy.

Check it out:

How’s THAT for parking?  Awesome.

Written by John

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