Goku wearing orange floating above the road using a power.

GTA 5 Dragon Ball Mod Is Ki Blastingly Awesome

Renown GTA 5 modder JulioNIB’s latest creation is a Dragon Ball script mod, packed with Ki Blasts, Destructo Disc attacks, flying and teleportation.

JulioNIB has created a ton of GTA V mods, including superhero mods and the Crysis nanosuit mod that we wrote about last time.

The Dragon Ball mod is something special, taking almost everything from previous mods to create an awesome (if slightly weird) DBZ video game.

You can see the mod in action below:

The mod is a work in progress but for those who can’t wait to take Goku to Los Santos, you can head over to the official website to download it.

Fans of JulioNIB’s work can show their support on Patreon.