A kid's bedroom decorated with Mario merchandise

Gaming-Mad Dad Creates Super Mario Nursery for New Son

A thirty-year-old gaming dad from the U.S, has created something special for his ten-month-old son, Liam: a magnificent room dedicated to every gamers’ favourite plumber.

The doting father’s lucky young lad will grow up in a colourful Super Mario Bros. wonderland.

Liam’s bedroom is adorned with eye-catching, large framed prints of Super Mario Bros. cover art, vivid wall decals and curtains, and even a quirky Mario-themed light switch — all designed by his father, Kyle.

The charming nursery is also fully kitted out with a host of Mario-themed bits ‘n’ bobs.

The 10-month-old tot is sure to sleep soundly, thanks to a collection of cute Mario characters to keep him company and his unique nightlight: an iconic, yellow Mario question mark box.

The light sits proudly next to a plethora of other Mario items, including a personalised clock, a snow globe and an empty ‘It’s a boy!!!’ photo frame, ready to be filled with a pic of the inevitable, future, Mario super-fan.

Kyle, whose earliest gaming memory was playing the Atari 2600 on his parents old black and white television, said: “My favourite game growing up was, and still is to this day, Super Mario Bros. 3.

“Ever since the first time I played it, I was hooked. It was nothing like anything I’d played before: the colours, levels, bad guys and power-ups were unbelievable.

“When my wife was pregnant with our son, I just knew we had to make a Mario-themed room.”

A long period of serious planning and hunting for Mario goodies proceeded, as Kyle and his wife, looked on Amazon, Etsy, ThinkGeek and Ebay — as well as attending a ton of ‘yard sales’.

Kyle happily concedes that although he was the brains behind this masterpiece of a room, it was his supportive wife who young Liam will have to thank for ensuring the decoration of the room was done correctly — the mother’s delicate touch proved invaluable in making sure Liam was not left with a room full of wonky decals!

Kyle and his son will inevitably spend many happy years bonding over video games, particularly Kyle’s beloved Super Mario. Kyle said: ” I cannot wait until my son is old enough to play video games, because I can only imagine how fun it will be to show him to load into a NES, or wait until he sees how hard and unforgiving those old games used to be.

“We will find old secrets on levels that I have forgotten and I will get to see him experience the magic of picking up the leaf and flying for the first time.

“I am hoping it will be something we can bond over for years to come. I am currently trying to collect a lot of the older games and systems, and have them in working order for when for when he is ready.”

The happy couple plan to have a second child, and if it’s a girl this time, there might just be a dramatic change to the Mario room, as Kyle shares: “I’m also trying to talk my wife into letting me change the Mario’s to Princess Peach or toadstools, if we have a girl next!”