An alternative to a keyboard and mouse, HORI is a gamepad and a mouse combined.

Love Using a Gamepad but Want the Accuracy of a Mouse? Try This.

The keyboard and mouse control scheme gives unrivalled accuracy because of, well, the mouse.  A gamepad controller gives unrivalled comfort.  What if you could have both?

The good news is that you can.  And it could be one of the best keyboard and mouse alternatives.

Let me introduce you to the HORI Tactical Assault Commander GRIP (TAC: GRIP) KeyPad and Gamepad Controller for PS4.

Okay, so the name needs work, but this control scheme may not be as ridiculous as it looks.

While some gamers, primarily PC gamers, swear by the insane number of buttons and hotkeys afforded by a keyboard, a lot of video games are perfectly playable on a gamepad controller.  Some gamers experience a pain in their hands when typing that isn’t aggravated when holding a gamepad.  Using a controller in some genres such as FPS games leaves these players at a severe disadvantage due to the incredible accuracy of a mouse.

The TAC: GRIP control scheme combines the benefits of each to create the best of both worlds, affording comfort and accuracy.

The control scheme isn’t as alien as it first appears; thousands of gamers swear by holding a gamepad in one hand and a mouse in the other.  While holding a full weight gamepad in one hand can put additional strain on the wrist holding it, the TAC: GRIP’s reduced controller alleviates this issue.

Oh, and it comes with a strap, which is…cool?:

A gamepad and mouse combo, the ultimate keyboard and mouse alternative

Pretty cool, right?  Right?  It’s an unusual solution, but a solution nonetheless.  PC players should also be able to use the controller via bluetooth, as they do with other console controllers.

You can pick up a TAC: GRIP from Amazon.