Forget Jordans – Check Out These RTX 3080-Powered Trainers

Trainers, sneakers, footwear…you know what I mean.

I love it when two incredible entities come together to make something even more awesome.  Jelly and ice cream.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Lamb and tuna fish (sorry, I had to).

Enter NZXT and RTKFT.

NZXT is a hardware manufacturer that is well established in the PC gaming market.  They make cases, components and accessories that are always just out of my budget.

RTKFT make something even more niche: virtual and physical next-gen sneakers (read: trainers, fellow Brits) for esports, gaming and entertainment celebrities.  I’ll ask my agent why they missed me off of their last mail out…

In all seriousness, RTKFT’s creations are definitely unique; here are a few of their latest products:

This is one of those ‘old but gold’ stories; I completely missed it the first time around but thought it was too cool to let it pass by without sharing.

NZXT and RTKFT have come together to make an incredible set of footwear that will strike envy into 99% of PC gamers – a pair of trainers that appear to be powered by a mini-RTX 3080.  Check these out:

Okay, so they won’t be to everyone’s taste (I couldn’t have pulled these off even 10 years ago) but they look pretty sweet.  Assuming there’s a full PC stuffed into it then you wouldn’t be able to use it for walking, but it’d look awesome sitting on your desk beside an RGB-lit setup.

Written by John

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