I Need This Flipping (Literally) RC Rocket League Car in My Life

I Need This Flipping (Literally) RC Rocket League Car in My Life

I love Rocket League.  After returning to the game at the end of last year after a long break, I made it one of my gaming New Year Resolutions to learn how to do a flip reset and, well, I haven’t even come close (to the surprise of absolutely no one).

I’ve been having a blast gradually getting less terrible and designing hideous cars that strike envy into the hearts of absolutely no one.

Speaking of envy, I’ve just stumbled upon a remote control Rocket League car that actually flips.  And now I want it.

Created by YouTuber mrak_ripple, the remote control car faithfully replicates the Octane from Rocket League.  It can drive, jump and flip (but sadly cannot boost to speeds of howeverfastRocketLeaguecarsgo).

Check this out:

Now tell me you don’t want one, too.

Written by John Santina

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