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This Retro Japanese Game Had The Worst American Names

Fighting Baseball had American names created by a Japanese developer that are so bad that they’re brilliant.

The 16-bit era had many brilliant baseball games, so much so that even though I’m from the UK, I owned and loved World Series Baseball on the Mega Drive.  Some of the baseball games released licensed the names of real Major League Baseball players to add realism and authenticity.

Then there’s Fighting Baseball.

Released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo, Fighting Baseball was the Japanese version of MLBPA Baseball.  Rather than licensing the real baseball players names for the Japanese release, however, the developers instead opted to come up with American sounding names for their players.

Fortunately, they chose the guy who had the worst understanding of what makes a good American name.

Check these awesome names out:

Rey McSriff anyone?  How about Sleve McDichael?  And how the heck do you pronounce Mario McRlwain?  It’s like Google translate gone renegade.