A wooden device with silver cogs.

This Factorio Assembly Machine Phone Dock Is Sublime

This 3D printed phone dock will make Factorio fans green with envy.

You know we quite like 3D printing here at GrownGaming.  We recently wrote about an incredible Fallout power armor project made with a 3D printer.  This Factorio project is just as cool.

Shared by Redditor Thorkon, this project is a gift for a lucky friend.

When it was printed, it looked pretty interesting but definitely lacked something special.

That “something special” was Thorkon’s wife’s brilliant artistic skills, as she took this chunk of plastic and turned it into a work of art.

I designed/3D printed an assembly machine for my buddy's birthday. It's a cell phone dock for his desk.

I haven’t even played Factorio yet I want this phone dock to be sitting beside me on my desk – it’s absolutely superb.

You can give kudos to Thorkon and his wife in the Reddit thread.