Doom 2 shooting enemies with a shotgun as blood flies everywhere.

Speedrunner Finally Finds Doom 2’s ‘Last Official Secret’

The secret’s out

It has taken 24 years but a speedrunner has just uncovered Doom 2’s best-kept secret.

Doom speedrunner Zero Master has uncovered an area that was thought to only be accessible via cheats.  The previously inaccessible sector is found in the Industrial Zone map, which was designed by John Romero.

Even the Doom wiki had noted that it is impossible to get to this secret area, thus “the maximum secrets percentage one can ordinarily get on this map is 90 percent.”  Now we know it is possible and the wiki has been updated.

John Romero personally congratulated Zero Master and explained the process:

You can see Zero Master’s full video as he works through the Industrial Zone map below: