A Star Wars fire pit shaped like the Death Star.

This Custom Death Star Fire Pit Is Awesome

Roast smores using THE FORCE!  Or something like that.  One thing’s for sure, this custom Death Star fire pit is a must have for any Star Wars fan.

This Death Star fire pit is created by Farmington Metal Firepits.  Watching it burn conjures up images of the Death Star being annihilated in – oh snap, was that a spoiler?  You have seen Star Wars, right?  Of course you have.

The fire pit is made from steel and is available in 30-inch or 37-inch diameter options.  The incredible thing with these fire pits and the rest of Farmington’s creations is that they are cut by hand – there are no high-tech laser metal cutters in sight.

The first of these Death Star fire pits was made by a grandfather as a gift for his granddaughter, Jennifer Allison.  After receiving a barrage of requests from Star Wars fans begging for the opportunity to buy their own, custom fire pits became a full-fledged family business.

You can buy this Death Star fire pit, and others, on the Farmington Metal Firepits on Etsy and their website.  They’re expensive but really, really, really cool.