A computer mouse with another in the background.

Claw Dot Claims To Increase Mouse Grip And Control

Meet Claw Dot, the simple device for your PC gaming mouse that claims to add more control while reducing hand strain.  It’s simple but effective.

And when we say simple, we mean it.

Claw Dot is literally a series of rubber pieces to add to your gaming mouse, which the creators claim increases the control of your PC mouse while reducing cramping of the hand allowing you to game longer.  It’s also said to reduce the negative gaming effects of sweaty palms.

The theory is logical enough.  The Claw Dot provides an elevated surface for the fingertips to create a palm and fingertip pressure point.  This makes it easier for players to grip the mouse, reducing the amount of necessary force needed between the thumb and gripping fingers (ring and little finger) that can lead to the cramping of the hand in extended gaming sessions.

You can see the Claw Dot being applied then being used below:

Claw Dot is currently on Kickstarter and, while it isn’t doing too well at the moment, its $5,000 goal is definitely achievable if the campaign gains traction over the next 17 days.

Written by John

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