Check Out This Flawless Carving of GTA 5’s Los Santos

What have you done with the extra free time afforded by the lockdown restrictions?  Completed a few video games?  Maybe painted a room or two?  That’s cool and all, but Redditor Originartwork wins hands down with this incredible carved wood map of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos.

Check it out here:

Originartwork shared their awesome creation in a Reddit post titled “GTA Wood Map – My Quarantine Project” and has gone on to amass 20k upvotes on r/gaming, 15k upvotes on r/gtaonline, and several thousand more on other subreddits.

This isn’t the first time that Originartwork has hit it out of the park with an amazing map carved into wood.  They’ve been creating intricate Fortnite maps for some time.  Here’s a selection of the first few maps:

And here’s the map for season 9:

Or maybe you’re more of a Game of Throne fan?  No problem!:

And for everyone else, there’s Donkey Kong:


To give kudos to Originartwork, head on over to Reddit, give an upvote and leave a comment.  Also, follow them over on Instagram and be sure to leave a like or ten.

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