Sonic running forward.

Check Out These Charity ’80s Game 8-Bit Workout Albums

Run Hundred has just released a pair of workout albums inspired by the music from ’80s video games, with all proceeds going to charity.

Titled 8-Bit Workout Mixes I & II, referring to the processing speed of classic consoles like the Atari 7800, Sega Master System, and Nintendo Entertainment System, the workout albums are like a retrogaming hit of nostalgia.

8-Bit Workout Mixes I features 8-bit music and beats exclusively, intending to provide gaming purists with a historically accurate take on tunes from the period.

8-Bit Workout Mixes II balances 8-bit music with modern beats, acting as a modern remix to the classic sound.

100% of the profit from both albums is going to Run Hundred’s charity partners, who provide humanitarian aid in over 70 countries.

For more information or to purchase the albums, visit Run Hundred’s website.