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Yes, You Can Build A Decent Gaming PC For £120/$150

And who said that PC gaming is too expensive?

PC gaming’s biggest hurdle is often the price of putting together a rig.  The prospect of having to spend over £1,000 on a gaming PC is enough to put off all but the most hardcore of gamers – and even a decent portion of those cannot justify such an outlay.

But, what if you could build a decent gaming PC for £120/£150?

RandomGaminginHD (one of GrownGaming’s favourite YouTubers) set himself the challenge of building a gaming PC for just £120/$150.

What can you build for such a low amount?  Here are the main specs:
  • i5 750 Quad Core
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory
  • HD 7870 VTX Radeon GPU

So, for £120/$150, you aren’t going to get a GTX 1080ti (sorry ’bout dat).  But what you do get is a pretty darn decent entry-level PC for a gamer on a budget.

But, how good is it really?

You won’t get 4K at 120 frames per second but you will get a stellar performance at 1080p.

Here are the stats, all at 1080p:

  • Battlefield 1 at Medium/High settings: 60 FPS average
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider at Medium/High settings: 55 FPS average
  • Dirt 4 at Medium/High settings: 84 FPS average
  • Overwatch at Medium/High settings: 90 FPS average
  • CS:GO at Medium/Low settings: 128 FPS average
  • Fallout 4 at Medium/High settings: 56 FPS average
  • Fortnite at Medium/High settings: 67 FPS

So, some hardcore gamers may turn their noses up at 1080p resolution while others may hate the thought of playing a game at medium/high settings.  However, let’s not forget that these games all still look fantastic at these settings.

I’d highly recommend building a similar rig for a younger gamer or if you’re an adult gamer tempted to dip your toe into PC gaming.

Want to see more?

For the price of each individual component and to see an awesome video of someone literally piecing the parts together, check out the video below:


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  1. “Rise of the Tomb Raider at Medium/High settings: 55 FPS average”

    NOT A CHANCE! Maybe Low Settings. My 8GB GF 1070TI barely manages the 60 FPS at maximum settings my old 4GB Radeon R9 380 made about 30FPS with Medium settings and my old card is faster than the Radeon 7870 and has more RAM (and my old PC also has 16GB RAM and a Core i5 3570k CPU which is also quite more powerful).

    • I haven’t played Rise of the Tomb Raider, but I managed to get a great performance out of my 7950 with the original Tomb Raider reboot.

      I trust the YouTuber – if you watch his videos he comes across as a trustworthy, sincere person. He has some video footage of his gameplay.
      Admittedly, his sessions were mainly in the early stages, so it could be that the experience would have got worse the more he played.

      • Tomb Raider 2013 has way lower requirements, though. My Radeon 380 got around 40 – 45 FPS with high settings there.
        But I guess much depends on what one think’s is high, medium or low. For example AA settings, for me high means 16x, medium means 8x and low means 4x. The You Tuber might have a different opinion and maybe sees 4x still as medium. That is of course valid.

        Also what might be of influence could be the graphics cards RAM. The old cards usually have 1 or 2GB so they can only display the ordinary SD textures in 1080p while newer cards with 4GB or 8GB and above can show HD textures so newer cards might need more power for “the same” result. (Of course the HD textures will look a lot better).

        I only got my new computer with the GF 1700ti last week so before that I was playing with the 4GB Radeon 380 for the last 3 years, before that I even only had a Radeon 6770 that replaced me 4870 in 2012. So I’m usually fumbling with the graphics settings a lot. And the FPS for most games above just don’t sound realistic for me, maybe with low settings or many options disabled.

        I tried running the Rise of the Tomb Raider Benchmark again with my new card. I got between 25 and 120 FPS with a medium of about 58 at absolute max settings. Of course the NVidia Hairworks and stuff that would be deactivated on a Radeon costs a lot of performance. But that game certainly is the most hardware hungry I have (I don’t have the current Tomb Raider, yet) despite it being from 2015.

        • I appreciate the comment. There’s no doubt that your rig is much better than this one but it still shows that PC gaming isn’t as inaccessible as some people think.

          Having made the jump from medium/high to ultra settings, I’ve come to the conclusion that I could actually have lived quite happily with medium/high forever – games look so good these days that even at moderate settings they’re impressive. We’re lucky.

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