This Among Us Short Film Captures the Magic of the Game

Ever wondered what Among Us would look like as a movie?  I can’t say I have, but I’m glad that German YouTubers Jay & Arya not only asked the question but went ahead and created a live-action short film focused on the space impostor smash hit.

The short film ditches the stylised characters of the game to create a more realistic rendition of the Among Us experience.  The core of the Among Us experience remains intact; crew members are killed off by imposters followed by heated arguments as everyone tries to figure out whodunnit.

You can check the video out here:

Everything about the short film is top-notch, from the acting to the professional camera work, to the staging and costumes, to the writing that so expertly captures everything that makes Among Us so addictive (even if we have to depend upon English subtitles).  And all within less than 13 minutes.

Be sure to drop by Jay and Arya’s YouTube channel and give them kudos on the video directly.

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