This is What 30K Players on One Server Looks Like

Novaquark continues to push the boundaries with Dual Universe

I can’t be the only one who loves playing games with a ridiculous number of other players.  MMOs have gone from servers with a few dozen players, to a few hundred, to thousands.  But, how about 30,000?

In a first step, Novaquark has dropped 30,000 simulated players into a single MMO server of their game Dual Universe to mingle with its human players.  This not only showcases the impressive tech behind their game but gives an insight into the future of MMOs.

Dual Universe’s technology promises players a never-before-seen Continuous Single-Shard experience, allowing a highly scalable number of concurrent players to interact with each other in one unique instance of the game world.  And, all this reportedly without any loading screen or boundaries.

Potentially even more significant than that, the developers promise that players’ actions lastingly impact the experience of other players in the game, creating a vast living, breathing world.  With 30,000 players all trying to leave their mark, that could be interesting.

By showcasing that the proprietary server technology behind Dual Universe is capable of handling at least 30,000 simultaneous players in one unique game world, Novaquark not only shatters the limits of what games currently offer, it also demonstrates that players can expect meaningful interactions at scale when the game enters beta in 2020.

Watch the impressive 30,000 simulated player demo in action here:

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  1. Jeez, 30K players?? That’s just insane!

    And here’s Elder Scrolls Online putting players into shards, splitting them up over multiple servers, making it impossible to find each other.

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