These 3D 1st Gen Pokemon Sprites Are Amazing

I’m about to show my age a bit here: I first started playing Pokemon games way back with Pokemon Blue.  Few video game worlds and characters are as vivid in my mind as the 2D sprites from the Pokemon game that started the phenomenon.

Pokemon Blue and Red are still charming games to look at, with or without nostalgia.  The sprites of the different Pokemon managed to convey not just their different physical appearances, but also what the temperaments would be when they finally appeared in the TV series.

Recent Pokemon games have brought full 3D graphics, sure, but they just haven’t captured the magic that my imagination conjured up when looking at those original 2D sprites.

Fortunately, DeviantArt artist Cortoony has managed to capture what made the first generation Pokemon sprites so special while turning them into 3D sprites.  Check these out:






If these 3D sprites don’t get you wanting to replay the old Game Boy classics, I don’t know what will!

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