Adult Gamers: What Is Your Gaming Snack of Choice?

Do you like to demolish your enemies to the crunchy symphony of potato chips, or the imaginary cries of gummy bears? 

Gaming snacks.  Outside of your gaming setup, it’s probably the most important piece to the puzzle that makes an awesome gaming session, right?  No?  Okay, maybe it’s just me then…

Okay, so full disclosure: I started typing this article after booting up Cassette Beasts up for the first time while having the munchies.  It got me thinking about the types of snacks that my friends have while we play games together on Discord – each of us have different tastes, but our choices help to make our evenings that much more enjoyable.  It then got me curious about the types of snacks that you, our dear readers, like to chow down on while you’re enjoying some game time.

Picture this: you’re on the edge of your seat, controller in hand (or keyboard at your fingertips), fully immersed in a virtual world filled with excitement, strategy, and likely a few explosions.  Conquering virtual battlefields is hard work, and we need some delicious fuel to keep us going.  Sustenance, if you will.  But what snack do you turn to?

For me, I tend to gravitate towards one of two options: beer and salted popcorn/peanuts, or gummy sweets (candy to our American friends) and coke.

It really depends what kind of session I’m planning – if it is a work night and I’m only hopping on for a short while, I go for the sweet options that remind me of those after school sessions on my N64 back in the day.  But on a Saturday night, if I want to let my hair down, talk some rubbish and watch my skills deteriorate quicker than usual as the session rolls on, I don’t think you can beat the combination of beer and salted popcorn/salted peanuts/salted salt/whatever.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin drinking beers and holding his World Title belt
Me, probably.

It’s the snack of champions.  Or so I’ve heard.

What Is YOUR Go to Gaming Snack of Choice?

Do you like to demolish your enemies to the crunchy symphony of potato chips?  Or do you rip the heads off gummy bears in between intense boss battles?  Or are you the type to pair your gaming skills with a delectable charcuterie platter, complete with fancy cheeses and gourmet snacks?  Hey, I won’t judge you, Mr Fancypants.

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